CJW Consulting


CJW Consulting web site

Cheri Weissman is a non-profit consultant who specializes in helping non-profit companies manage their data. One of the main aspects of this work is training and Cheri offers online webinars so that she can reach people around the globe.

The challenge with this site was to allow Cheri’s web site visitors to easily sign up and pay for webinars using a familiar interface. Cheri also specified that she wanted the entire process to be automated including the payment process and the sign-up process at GoToWebinar. Thanks to a third-party plugin called GoToWP by Brandon Muth, this process was relatively simple to set up.

I used WooCommerce for the shopping cart interface so that people could purchase more than one webinar registration at a time. This, in combination with the WooCommerce version of GoToWP handled all of Cheri’s specs beautifully.