You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. A reworking of the structure and content of this site was long overdue.

In the process of redesigning, I made some profound changes to the content structure. The focus of the design is now much more heavily on the blog and less on Blue Hat Design as a web design company. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as focused as ever on the design company. However, I’m one guy (plus occasionally one of several amazing local designers and developers) and when someone hires Blue Hat Design, they’re hiring me. So one of the goals for the redesign is to create a much more cohesive and personal connection between myself, my clients and the web design community.

I made an effort to strip away a lot of the unnecessary marketing stuff on my site and reduce it to just the important few components with a strong emphasis on the text content. So a one-column layout makes sense in this case. I find it refreshing to read text without a lot of distracting elements in the margins.  In terms of responsive design, it’s a pretty simple case. It allows the font to be nice and large on wider screens without extending the lines to an uncomfortable length. And it should be comfortably readable on (hopefully) any device. That’s the pragmatic part. The other bit is my ongoing crush on the Bliss font family.

In any case, I want the site to be more personal- more of a conversation between myself, fellow designers and web site owners. It’s an experiment on several levels.  I’m hoping that my clients and other designers will find value here and also that the site will effectively represent my skills. I welcome any feedback you might have.

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